Manufacturing Strength

We employ the lastest air-jet looms ensuring a very fine grade fabric is the result. We are able to producee from 50 to to a ultra fine 125 denier. Our looms are customized for rapid weaving along with a brushing unit. Once the fabric is woven is woven goes to a separate process where the surface is emerized by using coarse brushes giving the surface of the fabric a softer touch and increasing its ability to clean more effectively.

We only produce premium grade microfiber textiles. This achieved by using only the finest quality yarn primarily a texture 100% spun filament yarn. The finished fabric has a wonderful soft luxurious finish. At the same time it is highly effective cleaning action. Our microfibers are a blend of three other yarns with the sole aim of maximizing effective removal of oil from the surface of the lens. They are idea for any type of A/R coated lens.


There are many inferior quality microfiber cleaning cloths marketed by our competitors. By using the low grade yarn with thinner finished weight they try and pass it off the to the less discerning customer. After cleaning you will notice the oily film is unaffected because of the use of a low grade yarn used and shortened production method.


  • Ultra fine (less than 1.0 dpf), finer than the most delicate silk
  • Extremely drapeable
  • Very soft, luxurious hand with a silken or suede touch
  • Washable, dry, cleanable
  • Shrink-resistant
  • High Strength
  • Excellent shape retention
  • Ideal for sublimation printing due to dense weaving and type of yarn utilised