Pantone – Colour Matching System

We have the ability and tools to accurately match your requested colour in inks and print.

Pantone is your colour partner for matching under 2000 colou variations known worldwide as the standard language for accurate colour communication. Our friendly graphics designers are at your service to give you inspiration with new logos.





Alternatively, if you have artwork that you are happy with, we can replicate and reshape your design for Microfiber Cloths, Cases or Bags free of charge of course.

We can even translate your conception to print – from the most complex designs to basic we are here to convey the uniqueness of your practice.

You are welcome to email your own artwork in 300 dpi or higher – leave the rest to us. We will then email back artwork according to your requirement. You can then request as many changes.

From font matching to vectoring our graphic designers are more than happy to help in achieving a great end product.