Lens Cleaning Sprays

INNOVATIVE LENS CLEANING SPRAYS – reward your patients. This is a great way of thanking them and assuring their loyalty.

We set out to develop a  powerful yet mild solution. It took a bit of time but we believe its the best on the market - no harsh additives or any chemical smells. Once you’re used it we ’re sure to agree.


We only use a high performing  100% Alcohol-Free solution specially developed to effectively removing oily film and smears on all types of lens. Its mild  and safe on all types of delicate surfaces like a camera lens, tables mobiles and monitor screens.  Leaves everything sparkling

STM- CREDIT SIZE –   Stylish and unique, exclusive. These have a  built in integrated atomizer. Less bulky than the others are truly novel yet innovative.  Exclusively made for us in the EU for us – these will appeal to everyone.
25ml.    PICTURE
PET – PLASTIC CLEAR TYPE.  Available in 25ml or 50 ml

PURE ALUMINIUM – With a brush aluminum finish this is a premium product. These represent amazing value. We buy in large  and able to offer them at truly exceptional prices

We are able to customize sprays according to you practice detail with full-color labels. You can be assured that the end product will be something rather special

Need free samples? Just email your artwork or your practice details and leave the rest to us. Samples will be with you within 7 days- no cost or any obligation whatsoever!